Thousands of people are getting benefitted by “Art of Happiness” and achieving a happy mental state and success in all the dimensions of life. Through “Art of happiness”; a change in thought process is done to create a consciousness towards mind, body and soul. And this consciousness makes life beautiful, stress free and easier to get the desired goals in life. Within the country and abroad, people are gradually realizing the importance of happiness and are interested in “Art of Happiness”.

Seeing widespread enthusiasm, and to provide sucesses mantras “Art of Happiness”, now wishes to create a “Happiness Society” with the aim to alleviate stress, anger, grief , various complexes and build a society full of happiness, success, truth and non-violence.

Art of Happiness

Anybody, belonging to any part of world, religion or sect may be a member of 'Happiness Society', provided he actively follows its principles and engaged in a dialogue with it.

All members of 'Happiness Society' have to participate in the annual conference organized by the society, express solidarity and to work for the betterment of mankind.

They would also be required to work at their native place on monthly basis by conducting seminars and classes.

Members of 'Happiness Society' would have to follow the “principles” and “promises” of 'Art of Happiness' and their profounder. They can not deviate from basic principles.

Members are required to propagate happiness, truth and non-violence away from hatred and jealousy.

Art of Happiness's, spiritual energy originates from sun and every member is supposed to meditate before “ Art of Happiness Symbol” provided to them every Sunday morning at 7.00 A.M. for 20 minutes with 'pran urja kriya'

Art of Happiness

Keep on smiling, with innocent face and motivate every body around you to be happy and smiling, even under extreme adverse situations.

Work hard to alleviate tension, stress, grief, hatred, jealousy, depression from self and others.

All members have to dedicate themselves to kindness towards animals specially pets, eg, cow, dog and birds. Feed and protect them on regular basis.

Members of happiness society will have to practice simplicity including simple food with proteins. Rich food, Fast food, Party food is prohibited. If they indulge in rich diet, alchol and non-veg diet, they will have to fallow Fast, the next day with water and fruits.

Members are required to devote on hour to their body. They have to do brisk walking for 5 kilometers and exercise on daily basis.

Members of Happiness Society can not speak in loud voice, indulge in verbal or physical violence or getting angry in any way or in any situation.

Use of Tobacco, Pan masala or smoking is strictly prohibited and members are not allowed to spit on road or anywhere.

Members of Happiness Society would not indulge in Dowry evil in marriages of their kins. He would perform all the ceremonies in a simple manner without any extra wagance.

Members of Happiness Society would not differentiate between son and daughter. He would provide education to their daughters.in the same manner which they do it for their son and will be activated against female foeticide.

Members of the society would propagate the message of Art of Happiness around them and report their activities to Happiness Guardian along with photographs.

Art of Happiness

Though members of happiness society are duty bound to practise the promises made to Happiness Guru, but if somehow they break it unintentiomally, then they have to confess it to Happiness Guru and Happiness Guardian immediately & honestly.

Unintentional breach of promises would also have to be communicated to Happiness Guru with admission of mistake and to repent it by prescribed manner.

If any member of the society commits breach of promises frequently or intentionally or indulges in criminal activity or indulges in smoking- his membership would be cancelled and may not be revived.


Once you are members of happiness society, you would be provided a kit on payment comprising-

Art of Happiness

On every Sunday morning at 7.00 A.M. you have to sit in a silent zone of your home with windows open. You have to sit on the floor with your face facing east and keeping the Art of Happiness symbol & divine box in front of you.

You have to look at the centre point of the symbol constantly, think positive & recite Meditation prayer once and practice pran urja kriya five times. (Both written in Holy Book)

After completing this procedure you have to write your problems/ ambitions/ business/ wishes, etc. on divine paper inside the sun, fold it and put it inside the Divine Box, kept in front of Divine Art of Happiness symbol.

Next, you have to fill up the page in your Holy Book mentioning some questions by giving answers, and then Sign on it.

After completing the procedure (which should take approx 20 minutes) Send SMS writing “Dev” on any one of the following numbers- Mob. No. 9415309964/ 9415080360/ 9454410478.


For Membership of Happiness Society you must submit prescribed form and photograph with oath written on the back of membership form.

Membership of Happiness Society could be taken either through net or by correspondence personally.

People residing in Lucknow or 100 KMs surrounding are advised to fill up their form and take the Symbol Box Kit personally.

People residing distantly are required either to write to Happines Guardian, Sri Virender Arora, C-157, Sector J, Aliganj, Lucknow-226024 (E-mail- vdalko@rediffmail.com and Mob. No. 9415080360)

Sri Rishi Kumar Srivastava,274/69, Second Street,Rajendra Nagar,Lucknow- 226004 (Mail- rishikumarsri@gmail,com and Mob. No. 9454410478)

You may contact the persons mentioned above on mobile, SMS, email or through correspondence


Before the sun as a witness
Art of Happiness

I accept the active membership of Happiness Society of the Art of Happiness. I promise to spread happiness, peace and contentment in the society always. I swear to accept the promises written & would follow the repentance schedule. I also promise to spread the message of happiness around me through active programs on monthly basis. In case of any doubt I would be in touch with art of happiness Guru or National Co-ordinator

Order for Kit


Rs. 700/- (inside India), Inclusive of Postage Charges

50 $ Dollars (Overseas), Inclusive of Postage Charges

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Payment to

Payee / Account Holder Name: Rakshak Sewa Sansthan

Account Number: 411700 01 00052407

Bank: Punjab National Bank


Account Branch: MahaNagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Cheques in Favour of "RAKSHAK SEWA SANSTHAN" Punjab National Bank, Mahanagar, Lucknow

SEND TO: Dr. R.K. Verma, B15, Sector J, Aliganj, Lucknow